Fred & Maggie Cuckold 1: Hooking Up With Three Strangers

12:00 video

For their privacy at their request, the faces have been blurred and names changed.


Fred and Maggie went away for a break with the plan to have some time together, spend time in bed and have plenty of sex. On the first night however, there were three guys in the bar who worked for a lighting company and were there on business. They caught Maggie’s eye and she started to flirt with them. In no time they had moved over to Fred and Maggie’s table. After some drinks, Maggie invited them to the room. Maggie went first and got dressed up, with Fred and the guys following five minutes later to find her blindfolded! Their romantic night quickly turned into Fred filming three guys helping themselves to his wife as she moaned and orgasmed over and over.




Fred was a bit jealous but knew that when she gets horny, her sex drive is insatiable and whatever he said would have made no difference. As they moved to the bed Fred sits in the chair and takes his cock out to jerk off. As soon as the guy sinks his cock into his wife’s pussy and she lets out a huge moan, Fred cums all over the carpet and his hand.




Fred watches her orgasm again and again as he sits next to her. She sucks off two guys while the third fucks her with her legs up in the air. After a while one of the men starts to play with her ass, and to Fred’s surprise, she moans her approval. She almost never does anal play with Fred! Fast forward and she is in doggy, with a different guy taking her from behind. Fred simply cant imagine how slutty his wife is right now or how much of a turn on it is! He fucks her hard, slapping his balls against Fred’s wife. Maggie pulls down her thong to give the guys better access to her pussy and climbs on top of yet another guy. Lowering her pussy onto his hard cock, Maggie takes him completely inside of her. This entire time Maggie hasn't even bothered to look over at Fred, he might as well not even be in the room!




As Maggie rides that cock, she sucks another one and the third fingers her asshole. It isn't long before Maggie cums yet again. Fred listens as one of the guys asks her to lay on her back so he could fuck her in the ass, and she gets into position. Fred is kind of angry, knowing he has only fucked Maggie’s ass a few times in their marriage, but he is also as hard as he has ever been even though he just came. Fred watches as a stranger penetrates her ass and buries his cock inside of it. Helpless, he witnesses her open all of her holes for these strangers to use. She climbs back on top reverse cowgirl, with the cock still in her ass. The other guy fingers her pussy hard as the third sucks her nipples. She came and came that night, and fucked for over four hours. Unfortunately Fred’s camera died, so we do not see a cumshot here. After it was all over, Fred got between her legs and eased his rock hard cock into her loose pussy and came in about fifteen seconds.


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