Magnolia Cuckold 2: Long Distance Cuck

11:24 video

Magnolia and her cuck were so happy with our release of her previous video, that they sent us a much more private one. In this video, Magnolia talks about her beginning of the lifestyle they enjoy today. Magnolia’s cuck works away from home away on business frequently. Magnolia has a very high sex drive so being alone and away from her husband was tough. One night she went out with some coworkers and was drinking at the bar when a hot guy approached her. She figured what is the harm in a conversation? She had so much fun and was so horny that she broke down and brought him back to her place. They didnt go alone, they brought home some other girls too. Since then she has truly embraced her inner slut and has seen him and the other girls multiple times. Overcome with guilt about the situation, she filmed this confessional video for her cuck while he was traveling. But just talking about what she did makes her so horny that she soon finds herself stripping for the video while apologizing. With a dildo always close at hand she cums for her cuck. He has since let us know that he not only forgives her but he is wildly turned on by the videos she sends him.

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