• Phoenix Tells About Her Date with a HJ (April 19, 2017)

    This is a blog post about my video "Phoenix Tells About Her Date with a HJ".

    This was a very exciting day for me and I very pleased to share it with you. After some digging around on online, I was able to find a handsome potential bull that after meeting all of my qualifications and seeming to have a good head on his shoulders (and in his pants), wanted to fuck me. He is a bit camera shy but we agreed to discuss that and meet me for a lunch date. I spruced myself up for the occasion, made a short vlog about it on my tumblr blog, and was getting wet just thinking about the possibility of hitting it off with this one. I set off to meet him.
    To say things went well is an understatement, things went amazing. He has a great attitude about life and is easy to converse with.. it wasn’t long before I found myself moving to his side of the booth to be closer to him. My hand rested comfortably on his knee and he returned the gesture. I let me shoulder strap on my dress droop a little, so that my cleavage was showing off well. Our waiter was a little nosy, he kept popping over asking if we needed anything. I think he could sense the electricity between us and didn’t want to miss out on any possible action, he was just a young college aged dude so I couldn’t blame him. When our food came out, he offered me to try his. I expected to use my fork to sample but he feed me right off of his own fork which I took as a sign he was ok with some more intimacy, I moved free hand higher up his thigh. He in turn went right up my dress and pressed against my panties. Oh lordy, I grabbed his cock through his pants, wasting no time since we are just cutting to the chase. My dress finally slipped off revealing my lack of a bra, and my tit just sat there saying hi to him. He blushed a little and cupped it before putting it back in before the waiter came back.
    That waiter again. We didn’t part though, I just stared at him and tell him we are good. That’s when he started kissing me. Deeply.
    And where was my poor cuck during all of this? Faithfully awaiting my return at home of course. Caged, eager for release. When I returned with panties wet from my horny trist, I told him all about my lunch and he strained against his cage eager for touch. He is so well behaved since we tried the cage. I decided to reward him for his loyalty and give him some space to stretch. I released him from his cage and teased him, gently at first but with increased roughness. Telling him all about lunch date’s large cock that I could feel stretching through his pants. Telling him how he couldn’t have my pussy, he should be grateful for my hands, telling him he was a good cuck and if he wanted to impress me, he should arrange a fuck session for me with this new bull.
    A perfect day for both me and my good cuck husband. It could only be made better if I can convince lunch date to allow me to film our connections. He is a little camera shy but says he is seriously considering it. I think it might happen. We can only hope.

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