Maria: Fucking My Boss

15:45 video

This video was filmed and formatted in HD

It has been a long fucking day at work. Your lame boss cut out early and you were left doing his dumb paperwork. The only thing keeping you going is knowing your hot wife Maria should be home waiting for your return. Things get a little weird when you pull into your driveway and see a familiar car there. Why the fuck is your boss at your house? You are off the clock, can't he leave you alone. You walk in but no one is in the living room and the kitchen is empty. You get a little buzz of surprise as you hear voices coming from your bedroom. There is your boss and your wife, sitting on the bed. Maria tuns to you and announces she wants to fuck your boss. Jesus, what should you do? She explains her reasons, youre a small dicked piece of trash and your boss' dick is much bigger, she really wants you to feel how small you are. She still loves you but she needs something more. Surprisingly, your dick hardens at her words, you want this too. All you can do is stroke your little cock as she stripes down your boss and blows him right on your marital bed. Slurping and sucking his balls like she has never tasted dick before. Once they are both naked, she presents her ass to him and begs him to fuck her wet pussy. He slides right in and pounds her in doggy. She cant help but curse and scream in ecstasy as his dick fills her. Flipping her over, he pushes her legs up and fucks her raw while she moans and yells. You know Maria is loving every second of this because you are loving every second of this. Your boss controls you at work and now he is controlling your wife's pussy while you quietly stroke yourself. He pulls out and dumps his thick load all over her face and drips into her mouth. She is a hot mess but she loves you, she needs you, so of course you kiss her deeply when she asks and help her clean the cum off her pouty, perfect lips.

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