Luci: Teasing Her Caged Cuck

11:06 video

This video was filmed and formatted in HD

It is finally time, Luci is home! Luci, the sexy girlfriend of this cuck, the love of his life, has him right where she wants him! Stressed from a long day at work, she cannot help the excitement at seeing his small dick still caged right where she left him. He wants to know about her day but he quickly regrets asking when she tells him about how her bull visited her several times and stretched her tight pussy with his monster cock. She even has pictures to show him. He is so jealous of another man fucking his girlfriend in ways he cannot but then... why is his cock straining to get hard in it's cage? It is because deep down he loves the way she teases him, stripping off her clothes, rubbing her hands on her soft skin, spreading her pussy that he cannot have. No way can he even measure up to her glass toy as she gives herself orgasms right in his face. He wants her to have more, he doesn't deserve her, and this seething jealousy feels so good as his cock drips with pre-cum. Just when he thinks she might let him free from his cage, she picks up her phone and calls her bull. Her Bull will be over shortly to fuck her while he has to watch. She might even fuck him right over his face.

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